Yahiro Pochi will release new Sono Bisque Doll doujinshi

This will be the artist's third doujinshi based on the franchise.
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Japanese distributor Toranoana has announced that erotic artist Yahiro Pochi will release a new doujinshi based on the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru franchise, titled Sono Bisque Doll wa H o Suru, the work will be released on August 14 in Japan.


This is the author's third doujinshi based on the work, and again the capable one will bring Marin Kitagawa in yet another spicy cosplay, this time the Black Lobelia who even appeared in the anime.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is a romantic comedy story that is already a worldwide success, and the doujinshi help people even more to know something about the work.

Below you can check the cover of the other editions:

Slide https://static.spaceero.com/images/big/10/sono-bisque-doll-wa-h-o-suru-009310.webp;;;https://static.spaceero.com/images/big/10/sono-bisque-doll-wa-h-o-suru-009309.webp

Check out the synopsis of the original anime and manga:

Traumatized by a childhood incident with a friend who disliked his love of traditional dolls, hopeful doll craftsman Wakana Gojou spends his days as a loner, finding solace in his high school's homeroom. For Wakana, people like the beautiful Marin Kitagawa, a fashionable girl who is always surrounded by a crowd of friends, is practically an alien from another world. But when the cheerful Marin - who's not shy at all - notices that Wakana is sewing one day after school, she breaks into the room with the aim of tying her silent classmate to her secret hobby: cosplay!
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