Who would say! Oral sex, besides fun, is good for health!

But that it can have long-term health effects is quite a discovery.
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Oral sex = more health ?! It looks more like tabloid material. But this is precisely what recent medical research has just proven. Two Austrian scientists were looking for the secret of longevity and ended up finding it. The answer, however, took them by surprise. Believe it or not, but sperm holds the key!

Love is healthy and makes people younger. Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg, researchers at Karl Franzens University in Graz, finally have the proof. They compared results from 6 countries and what they found is unbelievable.

The magic word is: SPERM! The substance is found in large quantities in semen. Among other functions, it has unique properties that, in addition to repairing damaged cells, also delay the aging process. If that weren't enough, spermidine can also be used to treat anxiety and depression.

Until the publication of this latest research, it was only known that the semen was rich in vitamins and proteins. But the results obtained by Austrian researchers have caused a stir in the scientific community. Based on these findings, it is now speculated that spermidine may also be used in the fight against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Eisenberg, one of those responsible for the research, says: "It looks like we really found the Holy Grail of anti-aging research. An incredible finding that could benefit all of humanity!" For the less adventurous reading this article, in addition to sperm, spermidine is also present in foods such as soy, grapefruit and cereals, albeit in much lower concentrations.

But for the romantics on duty, it's nothing new: love remains the best medicine!

It is known that sex makes people feel younger and more cheerful. But that it can have long-term health effects is quite a discovery. The result of the research is unanimous: sperm is good for health!

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