"Welcome to a Sexy, Open World" will be released by MangaGamer

Accompany a young man predestined to be the father of the savior hero, being milked by beautiful women!
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MangaGamer revealed during its panel at Anime Expo 2023 that it will release Welcome to a Sexy, Open World, a game developed by MOONSTONE Cherry same creators of Imouto Paradise.


Welcome to a Sexy, Open World follows the young Sejima Seiya who, when trying to rescue a dog, the passing truck ends up taking him straight to a completely different world! In this new world, Seiya finds himself involved in an ancient prophecy that someone from another world will arrive to give birth to the legendary heroes who will end the wars that devastate this place. What is Seiya to do when beautiful women from all the great nations of this new world start approaching him wanting to have a baby, in an attempt to ensure that his nation has more influence over the heroes destined to be born?! Even worse - even though Seiya wanted to avoid becoming a stud, it turns out that if he doesn't raise a son to bind his presence in this new world, he'll be sent back and sent to the moment of that fateful accident! Fortunately for the unwitting father of heroes, coming into this world has given him the power to know when a woman is at peak fertility!

Regardless, Seiya's days of being milked by beautiful women began...

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Welcome to a Sexy, Open World doesn't have a release date set, but we'll keep an eye out!

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