Waifu Warrior F-ist - Fight the sexiest and strongest female fighters around the world

Fighting game in a world where championships were dominated by sexy women
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Coming to Steam Waifu Warrior F-ist (女拳鬥士F-ist), a 2D action-adventure game set in a fictional universe where women completely dominate the fighting arenas. Players will control the protagonist to participate in the strongest fighting competition. And to win the championship, players will travel the world to challenge the best female fighters.

In Waifu Warrior F-ist women became very powerful and dominated all fighting arenas. You are a guy who has lived in seclusion for training for twenty years aiming for the martial arts championship. Now you will travel the world to find the female fighters and do your best to successfully defeat them!

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Gameplay is basically concentrated in quick-time events, where you'll have to press the right keys at the right time. Attacking and defending until the fighters got tired and gave up the fight. The game is divided into chapters and in each one you'll face a different girl. Being them:

  1. Prologue : I want to participate!
  2. Chapter 1: The Adorable and Charming Villain! A girl from Hong Kong who swears at you all the time.
  3. Chapter 2: The Long Forgotten Ancient Chinese Boxing Technique! The Kung Fu girl who cheats during fights.
  4. Chapter 3: Is it Ninjutsu? The Japanese ninja girl who plays shadow clone jutsu.

New chapters should be added over time before and after the game's release. It is worth remembering that when you defeat the fighters at the end of the chapter, new NSFW scenes can be released.

Waifu Warrior F-ist will be released on Steam later in 2023.


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