Visual Novel "Trinoline Genesis" Coming West to PC Via Steam and MangaGamer

Drama story follows boy who lost his sister and now finds an Android identical to her
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MangaGamer has announced that the visual novel Trinoline Genesis will be released for PC via Steam and its store MangaGamer. The game developed by Minori, is a visual novel full of side stories focused on each of the characters, including the sub-characters, Hanako and Ayaka, in addition, players will find mini-stories that involve a secondary character.


The story of Trinoline Genesis begins with a tragedy, when Shun Nanami's sister Shirone Nanami drowned at sea. Trapped in memory forever, he is often hurt at the thought of the event. To deal with this, Shun promises to live in her place and make up for the life she never had. As time passes, Shun attends a school like a normal student, but on a day that reminded him of his sister, he heard a song that Shirone loved. Following the melody took him to the source...his sister. However, this wasn't his sister, instead it was an android that looked exactly like her called Trino. The story follows the events after Shun unravels the mystery and the characters' exciting story takes place.

Trinoline Genesis stands out for its dramatic story and beautiful art, but it's worth mentioning that it's a +18 game, so you can expect several NSFW scenes during your journey.


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