Visual Novel "Tamayura Mirai" Coming to PC on May 12

A fantasy rom-com visual novel set in a town where humans and spirits intermingle.
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Shiravune has just announced that they will release Tamayura Mirai, their new fantasy romance visual novel developed by Azurite for PC on May 12, 2023. The game has gained a lot of attention from the fans for its character designs, and is set in a city where humans and spirits mix.

Follow the enchanted life of Mutsuki Yohane, the heir to a long line of sorcerers, as you solve mysteries involving four heroines with supernatural problems and write your own story of an unforgettable summer. The game features stunning visuals and music, the game won the User Favorite award at the Moe Game Awards 2019 and was also runner-up for Game of the Year


Mirai Tamayura Synopsis:

There is a girl, searching for something she lost...

In the town of Fukano, the air smells otherworldly. Long ago, humans and other spirits—the sorts of creatures we called youkai—lived together on this enchanted soil. Even now Fukano is still full of strange stories, of mystical entities and mysterious forces.

Yukina Kamikake has come back to this town with a friend in tow. In Fukano she meets a boy who calls himself a sorcerer. That's me! My name is Mutsuki Yohane, and I've inherited the bloodline of the sorcerers who long ago moved to Fukano from far away—but I'm not the only person of interest in town.

Midari Suishouseki is something other than human. She's caught the worst thing that can afflict a succubus: a case of love...

Hanako Nekotengu was once a servant of a higher water spirit. Now she's an urban legend at the local school, where she knows every piece of gossip that goes down!

Shiro Kohaku is always on my side. She doesn't know a thing about magic or monsters, but she's like an older sister to me.

A sorcerer's job is to understand the inexplicable incidents non-human creatures cause, and help them live in harmony with their human neighbors. But Yuki Kamikake has more magic than me, and was born with the power to see the spirit world. And she's looking for something she lost.

The time I spend dealing with her will lead me back to the incident that got me involved in all of this.

It's a short summer and a long one too; a story of humans, spirits, and sorcerers... A fairytale.

Mirai Tamayura features over 20 hours of story with routes for each heroine. The game will launch with full Japanese voice acting created by experienced professionals, and will also launch with English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese text.

Mirai Tamayura comes to PC on May 12th, and will be available via Steam and the store Johren, where the adult version of the game with NSFW scenes will be available.


Hopefully Shiravune will release some patch to add the +18 content in the Steam version in the future.


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