Visual novel "Kuroinu Redux" arrives in the West in an improved version and with new content

Dark fantasy story about a fallen kingdom populated by beauties who are treated like slaves by their traitorous "hero"
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Shiravune announced that the international version of Kuroinu Redux (in Japanese Kuroinu Kai) is now available. The game developed by Liquid comes to PC via Steam and Johren.

The game originally released in 2010 has already been adapted for various media, becoming known for its brutal and captivating storyline. Set in the fantasy world of Eos, where despair and devastation reach epic scales, you follow the adventures of Vult and his band of mercenaries as they attempt to drown the ruling beauties of Eos in a sea of humiliation.


In this world a centuries-old war between the allied races and their army of demons seems to be coming to an end, desperate to end the bloodshed, an alliance is formed between seven strongholds that protect Eos, united by the elven reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia, she seeks help from the protagonist Vult and his Black Dog Mercenaries, to defeat the queen of the dark elves. However, young Vult wastes no time in betraying them, turning their army against the alliance. Shock, panic, outrage, then sadness... the inhabitants of Eos cannot believe that Vult has turned the fallen kingdom of Olga into a "service nation", where the defeated must perform all manner of "services" that the countless invading hordes wish. From now on, he and his army will drown the noble beauties of Eos in a sea of humiliation!

This version of the game has new features compared to the original 2010 release, and has new story content, a better quality user interface and graphical overhaul of the original resolution that was previously 800x600 and is now 1024x768, the game also brings several improvements in quality of life in general.


Kuroinu Redux comes to Steam in the censored version while the Johrem version is the original release +18 uncut.


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