Visual Novel 'Kunado Chronicles' Coming to PC on April 7

Game accompanies a young man who a thousand years ago hibernated in a cryogenic sleep and now awakens in a world destroyed by machines.
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It has been announced by Shiravune that the visual novel Kunado Chronicles will be released for PC via Steam and Johren on April 7th. The game developed by Purple Software is now available for pre-order on Johren's website with a 20% discount.


Kunado Chronicles takes place in a world almost completely destroyed by metallic creatures, and tells the story of a young man who a thousand years ago hibernated in a cryogenic sleep and now awakens in this new world. With his memories lost but knowledge of ages past, he will share his culture with this generation from the far future in a country known as Kanto, made up of survivors of long-lost Japan.


During the game you can interact and meet four main heroines, as well as other characters that are part of the plot. Kunado Chronicles was written by Mikage (Amatsutsu, ef) and directed by Yasushi Ishikawa (Seishun Fragile). It also features illustrations by Hikage Asahina and COQ, with SD art by Haruka Komowata and backgrounds by Waisshu and Gakai Sai.

It is worth noting that Kunado Chronicles is an adult work, so it has images and scenes with +18 content, it is not known if on Steam these scenes will be cut, but on Johren the content is intact, and it is customary for developers offer a patch to insert these scenes in games that are censored on Steam.


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