Understand why Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san manga was canceled

Disagreement between breeders was the cause of the cancellation. Already on hiatus since August, it is not known if there will be a closing chapter.
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The manga Morishige announced on his Twitter that he will cancel the manga Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san (Stalker Maid Shirayuki). The manga is serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Champion, and entered on hiatus since August.

The explanation begins the explanation by saying that Morishige is the pseudonym for a pair of breeders, husband and wife. The announcement was written by her husband. The degree of contribution of each varies with each manga, with the wife having the lead in several manga, except for Hanaukyo Maid Team, Sakura Sakura, and Oshikake Maid at Shirayuki-san. In this last one the wife dealt with the coloring, tones and giving suggestions about the manga. The husband handled meetings and business matters with Akita Shoten, while the wife handled the Twitter account from 2017, often writing from a male perspective.

According to her husband, starting in March, the newspaper started tweeting information not substantiated in reality about the editorial department of Bessatsu Shōnen Champion (magazine where the manga was published), and other writers using three different Twitter accounts. The husband tried to explain to the company's editorial department that the woman who wrote the tweets. He even claimed that he had tried to stop his wife's actions, but could not do so, and decided to end the manga Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san. Now, husband and wife are living "some distance" from each other. The husband explained that he felt responsible for allowing his wife to have used the official Twitter account for his own purposes, while his wife was still making inflammatory statements with the account.

We hope that new works by Morishige will be created in the future. But apparently it won't just be the manga that will be finished.

Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san shows the routine of Yoichirō and his younger brother, who live with their father and grew up without their mother. When his father has to go abroad due to work, he hires a maid named Shirayuki to take care of the house.

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Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san (Stalker Maid Shirayuki) is written by the mangaka Morishige, and started to be published in May 2018 and already has 2 volumes released. Morishige previously created the Hanaukyo Maid Team and Koi Koi Seven manga, both of which were adapted for anime by the I.C studio. Entertainment (Studio Ironcat).

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