TRATRITLE - Comedy and slice-of-life game comes to Steam

Comedy RPG follows a perverted young master playing pranks on his unsuspecting maids!
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Released on Steam TRATRITLE, a slice-of-life comedy RPG developed by Inazuma Soft, the game is a game about a perverted young master who plays tricks on his maids.

TRATRITLE takes place around a large mansion, where the protagonist lives with a trio of servants. The three innocent, well-meaning girls don't realize how much sexual pressure they put on their master, and continue to pique interest in him unintentionally. Frustrated, he writes a letter to his father, asking for advice on how to deal with the problem. In response, his father assigns a succubus maid to help out at the mansion. Controlling the young master, players must find ways to get close to their favorite maid.


The game involves tasks such as hiding in places where the protagonist can take a peek at the heroines, or helping them and ending up using this as a reason for increasingly demanding requests. The heroines go about their day, performing various tasks, with players having to plan their actions according to the maid's schedule. The game also gives tips for those who are out of ideas on how to provoke the maids.

The game aims to maintain a healthy, humorous tone, focusing on foreplay and "sexual services", which are a late-game reward and mostly take place during each girl's endings.

TRATRITLE is now available on Steam, and a patch to add the adult content removed from that release can be downloaded directly from the publishers website.


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