The Witcher 3 - New Gen Update Adds Detailed Vaginas

They're there, but it feels like realistic organs shouldn't be in the game.
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The long-awaited and recently released next-gen update for The Witcher 3 adds several game improvements, ray tracing, DLSS, a 60fps performance mode, and also, detailed vaginas. That's right, it looks like the update also adds realistic genitals for the women in the game, which even includes details of the well-cut pubic hair.


Before the update, the genital region of the game's NPCs was practically the same effect as a "Barbie doll", smooth, without hair, or details showing. Of course, several mods were made to "improve" this detail in the game. But apparently now the new update already brings it without anyone having to modify anything in the game.

The case was talked about among the players, and ended up reaching the ears of Kotaku, who got in touch with one of the developers, who pointed out that the update took into account several mods created by fans, and the change must have been inserted improperly, and that the company was investigating and will have more information in the coming days.

It is not known if CD Project Red will remove the detail from the game, but apparently it will not be many times that you will see the modification in action, since few times you find NPC's completely naked throughout the game, which usually occurs in some witches that regularly they do frontal nudity and also the old ladies from Crookback Bog.

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