"Testament of Sister New Devil" mangaka will design new manga

New series will feature Yūki Miyama's story and show isekei and premiere on June 9
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The latest issue of Monthly Dragon Age magazine revealed that artist Fumihiro Kiso and author Yūki Miyama will release a new manga titled Karuma on Musо̄ Suru Isekai Harem Kaitо̄-dan's Skill (With This Error Skill, This Otherworldly Harem Phantom Thief Team Will Be Unrivaled) in the next issue of the magazine to be released on June 9.


The new story is described as a harem fantasy of a ghost thief in an isekai (alternate world), in which the protagonist steals a treasure with girls he met in another world. The manga will have color pages at the premiere.

Fumihiro Kiso released the spinoff manga The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm! in Young Animal Arashi in February 2014, and ended it in May 2016.

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