Take Me To The Dungeon!! - R-18 strategy RPG coming to Steam in June

Explore the depths of the dungeons in an exciting NSFW deck building adventure
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Launching in June on Steam Take Me To The Dungeon!!, a strategy RPG where you'll explore the depths of a huge dungeon with your lovely companion Una, in an exciting deck building adventure for adults!

aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG4uYWthbWFpLnN0ZWFtc3RhdGljLmNvbS9zdGVhbS9hcHBzLzI1Njg5OTIxOS9tb3ZpZTQ4MF92cDkud2VibT90PTE2NjAxMTg0MjA=In Take Me To The Dungeon!! you'll have to fight and fight with your lovely companion Una in dungeons full of randomly generated monsters, where you'll find merchants, treasures and story events. During the game you will only be able to see three levels below your current one, so choose wisely when going deeper into the dungeon.

To advance you will have to build the most powerful deck with more than 50 cards and 20 different runes, using them to dominate your enemies! Get random treasures to upgrade Una's skills. Gather the strongest combo and synergize it with your deck to deal terrible amounts of damage!

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Make choices and experience different endings in this exciting adventure story! Unlock different side stories to activate various card enchantments. Some enchantments can be helpful, while others can hurt you!

But watch out, because Una's clothes can tear if she gets hurt!

The game features 11 animated scenes and over 200 CGs! (variations included), so you won't be disappointed with the various oral sex scenes, footjobs, group sex, yuri, monsters, tentacles and much more featured in the game's H-Scenes.

Take Me To The Dungeon!! will be released on Steam in June.


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