Super sexy RPG "Wild Life" gets demo on Steam

Explore a world filled with all kinds of threats but also full of sensual attractions
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I've been following the development of Wildlife for a long time, and finally the game got a page on Steam, together, a demo was released that you can now download and I found out what awaits you in this game that can be one of the most different and interesting released recently, among those made with a focus on adult audiences.


WildLife is an open-world adult RPG, and you know the planet Kerpal, a tempting land of deep, mesmerizing jungles, waterfalls, canyons and sandy beaches. You take on the role of Max, an explorer who has just arrived on this planet, and luckily the Festival of Friendship has just started. You are invited to join the old tradition and you can meet new people and make friends. Choose the right options and have a happy ending, or make too many mistakes and get eliminated.


But make no mistake, behind the beauties of this place there are many hidden dangers and many secrets to unravel about the past and future of this place. Kerpal, is the planet where centuries ago a colonial ship crashed, and the surviving passengers had to adapt in isolation to a Neolithic culture and the dangers of this place. Some of them turned into new half human beings half beasts, others kept their human characteristics. And Maya a unique inhabitant of this place, who looks fully human but who can fly with her wings, will help you unravel the dark natural and human challenges as you try to figure out who you can trust in this world.

Of course WildLife is a game prohibited for minors, in it you'll be able to experience a positive sexual experience with a wide variety of different fetishes, while maintaining a respectful atmosphere. There are no childlike NPCs, no non-consensual or forced sexual interactions during gameplay.


WildLife also has a campaign open on Kickstarter that you can get more details and help its development. Unfortunately there is no confirmed date for its release, but you can already download the demo directly from the Steam page.


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