SUCCUBUS gets a new update with free game content and spicy DLC!

Update "Summer" + DLC "Bikini Armors" brings news and several erotic bikinis to the game
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Madmind Studio has announced that Succubus, the spin-off of Agony, has received a new update entitled "Summer" and along with it the release of a DLC "Bikini Armors" that add new customization options to the game including the summer and beach theme. Both are now available in the game via Steam.


In Succubus customization is an important element and it allows players to customize the appearance of the main protagonist (Vydija), his armor and powers and, above all, his cave, which is the main location of the game. Players earn the souls of enemies, which serve as in-game currency. For the collected souls, the main character can create new armor, weapons and modify the appearance with interactive elements in the main hub.

The new free game update, in addition to introducing a tropical climate to hell, also adds the long-awaited “muscle slider”, which allows you to change the main character's muscle mass. In addition to the free update, we also released a new DLC "Bikini Armors", which allows players to enjoy the "human version" of Vydija, without hooves and wounds.

Succubus is the spin-off of Agony, it's an action-horror game about a succubus who is trying to retake her throne in hell, and during your journey you will have several different weapons and various powers at your disposal to eliminate as many demons as possible that come your way.


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