"Some Some Convenience Store" is coming to Nintendo Switch

Visual novel mixes business simulator with dating simulator and arrives on Switch later this year
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CFK announced that Some Some Convenience Store will be released for Nintendo Switch later this year, the game is a visual business romance simulator developed by Talessshop, and had already been released for PC via Steam in 2020.


Some Some Convenience Store follows the story of the relationships formed after the protagonist of the story randomly downloads a dating app called “Some Some”. In this game, the protagonist must manage a convenience store, handling everything from store layout to product promotion and various customer orders, while balancing all of that with these new relationships.

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Due to some family issues, our protagonist has to work part-time in a family store.

Then, one day, he starts fiddling with his smartphone out of sheer boredom. Randomly, he decides to download the “Some Some” dating app that flashes on his screen. Right when he opens Some Some, he begins his relationships with three young men…

Right through the front door walks the trio: a young woman looking for a part-time job, a foreign girl who wants to become a singer, and a bodyguard who is a bit rude. Which one will you choose?

Some Some Convenience Store has three main girls that you must interact with during your game, which are:


Soohee Pyeon, a younger girl brimming with warmth and sincerity, currently looking for a part-time job;

Adela Prohaska, an intern hoping to become a singer who randomly appears in the store. She seems to be having a hard time with something lately... but why?; It is,

Yena Bang, a bodyguard for hire who is strangely bad-tempered with the main character. Is she your typical tsundere? Or maybe... there could be another reason for her behavior...

According to CFK, Some Some Convenience Store arrives on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023. It's worth remembering that the game has already been released on Steam.


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