Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link Celebrates "Oppai Day" With Special Event

Celebration of "Oppai Day" or "Breast Day" has already started and you can get several gifts and bonuses in-game
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Honey Parade Games is celebrating "Oppai Day" in Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link with a special event starting on 1st August that brings a host of new content to players, including limited edition cards, daily free gachas with up to 10 pulls, and a raid boss battle, among other celebrations.


The event brings new LR versions of Asuka and Ikaruga, which can be obtained through gacha. Additionally, special quests have been added to commemorate "Oppai Day", rewarding players with poses, gacha tickets, and Nintamas. The event also features a Ryōna Raid Battle, the Peach Buns Scramble story event, and a gift of 50 Nintamas to commemorate the day.


The Oppai Day Legendary Pairnyū Festival will run until August 16th. This gacha event features new LR cards Asuka and Ikaruga. Both new versions are Pairnyū cards that can release a superior version of their Secret Ninja Arts if linked one after the other. The gacha event also includes Yomi Bakunyū 4, Hikage Bakunyū 3, and Crimson Homura Bakunyū 2 cards. The banner features the game's typical 3+1 10 pull gacha until August 10th.

Asuka LR (81-day Legendary Festival of Pairnyū) – CV: Hitomi Harada




Ikaruga LR (81-day Pairnyū Legendary Festival) – CV: Asami Imai




Also as part of the celebration, a variety of exclusive products and merchandise will be available at Comiket 102, including special booklets, plexiglass holders, postcards and various prizes. Unfortunately, Comiket takes place in Japan.

Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link is a gacha game available only in Japan, for iOS, Android and PC, but unfortunately there are no plans for a western release.

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