Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link Celebrates 5.5 Year Anniversary with Daily Gacha and New Cards

Event adds a new story chapter and new Crimson Homura and Abyssal Miyabi cards to the game
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Marvelous Entertainment together with Honey Parade Games have announced that to celebrate the 5.5 year anniversary Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link will hold a new event, which includes new Crimson Homura and Abyssal Miyabi cards, and a free gacha campaign for players during the event period.


To celebrate the 5.5 year anniversary, a new gacha festival is being held. The game receives the new Homura and Miyabi cards that can transform into their powerful forms after activating their Secret Ninpo. This transformation not only changes his appearance, but also enhances his abilities. The gacha event also includes the Toki Bakunyū 1, Hiyori Bakunyū 2, and Ui Pairnyū cards. The banner features the game's typical 3+1 10 pull gacha until June 7th and lasts until June 15th.


And during the period from May 30th to June 6th, players can participate in the Daily Free 10 Card Gacha Festival, where you can buy a 10 card gacha for free once a day. Each of the 10-card free draws guarantees an SSR card.


In addition, the game's 5.5 year anniversary brings with it chapter 54 of the story, which includes new ninja missions at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and you can earn ninja souls as a reward for the first time you complete it. A new event titled “Last Night, an Omen of Blessings or Disaster” was also released which presents an opportunity for players to explore the history of Crimson Homura and Abyssal Miyabi, new cards introduced in Gacha Festival.



And during each event mission, players can obtain “Last Night Badges” that can be exchanged in the store for awakening materials, ninthes, orbs and other useful items. The event runs until June 15.

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