Shangri-La Drive - 3D battle RPG between mecha x bishōjo to be released in 2023

Train and train various cute girls to fight against giant robots
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EXNOA has announced that it will release Shangri-La Drive, a new 3D RPG that pits Mecha against Bishōjo (cute girls). The game will be released for Android and PC via DMM Games later this year. The game is already open for pre-registration for interested players, who will be able to win the "pre-registration gacha" every day when the game is officially released.


Shangri-La Drive allows players to train the cute girls who ride on gigantic gears to fight against the powerful automatons. You can also adjust Ride Gear for different stages and develop strategies to combat your enemies.


During the game, you will also be able to customize your equipment with various parts according to the situation on the battlefield. The game also features dynamic 3D graphics as you take the girls into battle against the automatons. As the leader of your team, you'll also have to interact and communicate with the girls to deepen your relationships!


Shangri-La Drive has an R18+ version with more erotic scenes also available at DMM Games.

Those interested in pre-registering can receive 2,500 Diamonds and an SR+ character when the game's pre-registration reaches 250,000.

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