Sexy Visual Novel "The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen" hits Steam in November

Story follows a hero summoned by a witch to help him, in exchange for swearing an oath to the hero, but conditions can be unexpected.
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The Sekai Project has announced that it will release the visual novel The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen to PC via Steam on November 5, 2021. The game developed by DessertTheory will have multiple endings and subtitles in English and Chinese.

The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen takes place in a fantasy world, where the Demon Lord has been defeated. However, the evil generals are still at large and wreaking havoc across the lands. Fighting the generals, the hero ends up entering a forest, where a voice calls him. And that's where he meets Omaylas, a beautiful woman, who is the Queen of Black Magic, one of the generals, but she is imprisoned, in exchange for the hero's help, she offers to take an oath but what will be the consequences?

Although the hero doesn't trust Omaylas, her code of honor prevents him from leaving her there. But he is suddenly full of confusion and doubt. Is there more hidden behind these demons than what the rumors say?


It is noteworthy that The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen contains content and sexy, suggestive that it may not be suitable for all ages.


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