Senran Kagura: Peach Ball to be released on Nintendo Switch

Game will be released in the West for the Nintendo Switch this summer, the game was released in December in Japan.
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Marvelous Entertainment announced that Senran Kagura: Peach Ball will be released in the West for the Nintendo Switch this summer, the game was released in December in Japan.

The news was made through a post on the website company, which also announced that all content will be released as in the original version, uncut and uncensored.


Senran Kagura: Peach Ball is a pinball game, where players must solve the problems arising from an experiment with Haruka and the other girls from the shinobi academies in sexy girls dressed up as animals (cosplay style) , it is up to the player to reverse the experiment using the mystical ball that is only available inside a pinball machine.

The game will feature customizable tables, mini-games, a story mode, the diorama mode, and the intimacy mode located inside the dressing room.

Some players have already asked Marvelous that the intimacy mode would be censored in some way, and according to the company the game will be released without any censorship in the West.

Marvelous Entertainment will be responsible for the European launch, which will include a launch in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, while XSEED Games will launch in the Americas, and the game will be released only in digital form through the eShop.

The game was released in December in Japan, but has not had great sales so far. But so far it is difficult to tell the future of the series as Kenichiro Takaki is leaving Marvelous Entertainment, and even more so after the statements about the censorship imposed on games by Sony on PS4. We hope the series will be able to move on, as this is one of the last remaining fan service games for home consoles on the market today.

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