Scarlet Maiden - 2D pixel art game with super sexy animations arrives on Steam

Join the last remaining maiden in her sinful quest to defeat Prime Evil
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It's coming to PC via Steam Scarlet Maiden, an interesting indie developed by Otterside Games and distributed by Critical Bliss, which puts you in control of Scarlet, the last remaining maiden in a sinful world on a quest to defeat Prime Evil. Explore the randomly generated dungeons of the underworld, learn new skills, equip Scarlet with powerful gear, and engage in lewd activities along the way. The game will be released on January 27th.

A thousand years ago, the Maidens of the Holy Flame fought and defeated Prime Evil. Now that same evil is once again awakening from its slumber in the depths of Sinner's Rest Abbey. Now Scarlet is the last remaining maiden of the Holy Flame, she must explore the terrible dungeons of a sinful world to defeat Prime Evil. Use your special abilities to reap the sin of your enemies and, through repentance, increase your powers.

As you explore the ever-changing dungeons of this underworld, acquire powerful weapons, spells, and items. Besides, of course, engaging in lewd encounters with the characters you meet along the way. Uncover the secrets of the underworld and banish Prime Evil once and for all.


Scarlet Maiden may seem like just another NSFW game from the great list that Steam already has, but several of its features make it a point outside the curve, and an interesting game that can surprise.

In addition to a randomly generated world, you'll have to perfect your character as you advance in your adventure, unlocking new abilities and being able to create a character that adapts to your play style, being able to focus on hand-to-hand combat, or on powerful spells. The roguelite gameplay adds the replay factor, which will make you become more and more powerful as you go through the game's dungeons several times.

You'll also be able to evolve your companions who will provide you with new equipment to face the deadly bosses that await you during your journey.


The animations of Scarlet Maiden are also a highlight, since the whole game made in pixel art is getting impeccable, very beautiful and with first-class animations.

Scarlet Maiden will be available for PC via Steam on January 27th.


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