Sakura Succubus 6 is now available on Steam

The sixth game in the franchise will now go to a cold country in Europe where new girls fall in love with the protagonist
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Developer Winged Cloud has just released Sakura Succubus 6, which continues the saga of the protagonist being taken to various locations and attracted by beautiful succubus, this time they go to a European country in the middle of the snow, where other women fall in love with him.


Sakura Succubus 6 picks up right where the fifth left off, with Ogasawara Hiroki finding himself in Astoria, a small European country with a cold climate and lots of snow. He ends up being invited by the beautiful actress and also queen Stephania to stay at the royal palace, which makes her soon fall in love with him. Hiroki is already famous in Japan because of his relationship with Yamamoto Hifumi, and also his relationship with famous businesswoman Wakatsuki Marina and tennis player Hazel Williams, now he finds himself gifted with a lovely new woman.


If you don't know, the Sakura Succubus franchise are adult games with NSFW content, and each follows a distinct but interconnected adventure, with protagonists from previous ones appearing in new chapters.

And in case you're interested, Winged Cloud has made available on its Patreon page a patch +18 that removes the censorship of the game.


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