Romero Games announces that it is working on a new FPS in Unreal Engine 5

John Romero, creator of Doom is working on a shooter alongside a major publisher
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The famous developer, icon of the FPS industry John Romero, took to Twitter to announce that he is working on a new game alongside a major publisher. His studio Romero Games, is working on Unreal Engine 5 to develop a new FPS franchise, and has started hiring people for the new project.

John Romero was the co-creator of titles such as DOOM, Quake and Daikatana, and became an icon in the industry for his enthusiasm and passion for FPS. So much so that even today he releases new features for his old games, as the new map for Doom II, originally released in 1994.

No relevant information about the game has been announced, but the team is looking for a multiplayer programmer, which means the game should at least contain online elements.

But it's still too early, as it's in the contracting phase, so we won't see anything anytime soon.

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