Producer of CNN, a critical channel that says anime promotes pedophilia, is arrested for... abusing minors.

According to allegations, he enticed minors and parents to train them to be sexually submissive.
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John Griffin, producer for CNN, was arrested by the FBI last December 10 after a federal jury accused him of soliciting minors and engaging in "illegal sexual activity" at his home in the city of Vermont. Griffin has been accused on three occasions of using an interstate commerce to attract minors and people claiming to be parents to train them and be sexually submissive.

CNN has issued a statement that says: The allegations against Mr. Griffin are deeply disturbing. We learned of his arrest yesterday afternoon and he has been suspended pending the investigation.

On Griffin's LinkedIn profile, you can see that he worked "side by side" with former CNN presenter Chris Cuomo, who was fired earlier this month after being investigated by the New York Attorney General who claims he helped his brother, the former New York Governor, defend himself against allegations of sexual misconduct.

The case is not only serious, but curious because in 2014 CNN published an article entitled "Sexually explicit manga in Japan escapes new laws on child pornography", in which it harshly criticized Japan's manga industry for promote pedophilia. The article reads: "On the pages of magazines, they appear with wide eyes, childlike in stature, but engaged in very explicit sexual activities. They may be drawings, but critics say the images found on the pages of some Erotic manga in Japan are so disturbing that they should be banned."

Of course in Japan the news of Griffin's arrest went viral quickly and exposes the hypocrisy of the mainstream media.

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