“OniiKiss – Onii-chan Where’s my Kiss” will be re-released by NekoNyan

Former publisher defaulted on developers forcing them to break the contract. NekoNyan now takes over for the relaunch!
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NekoNyan has announced that it has acquired the rights to re-release OniiKiss – Onii-chan Where's my Kiss, the game developed by Tinkle Position/Sister Position and that suffered a default by its former publisher, Sol Press.

In a post on her official site NekoNyan explains what happened. The former publisher defaulted on Tinkle Position/Sister Position and other developers. Not paying any of the royalties owed to those he worked with, which meant that the contract between them was considered null and void and, effectively, Sol Press no longer has (and never had) the license to publish the title.

Now NekoNyan has licensed the game, and will be relaunching it on platforms they already work on like JAST, Fakku, Denpasoft, Mangagamer and maybe others in the future. The new release will receive some minor changes and corrections, even though the re-release is the version of the original release, translated by Bango and edited by Fred the Barber, the company has received permission from the rest of the original team that worked on it to reuse their work.

Due to the situation, the game will be released with a lower price than the normal price that the company applies, and also lower than the original price that Sol Press sold.

OniiKiss – Onii-chan Where’s my Kiss

OniiKiss – Onii-chan Where's my Kiss was originally released in Japan in 2016, coming to the west in 2019 (and having all this issue), and quickly won the hearts of many in an unusual way due to its extreme cuteness.


In OniiKiss – Onii-chan Where’s my Kiss you control the protagonist, whose love for his little sisters knows no bounds. Fortunately, those same sisters reciprocate the feelings and provide you with the energy to get through the day and its trivial obstacles. This includes taking a full shower in under three minutes or navigating through a downpour just to go to the grocery store to buy something your sister needs. However, with all your time devoted to your cute sisters, you don't have time to study. That is until your wise mother finds a suitable solution: you're moving out. This devastating news shocks the closest sisters until a compromise can be worked out. The sister who gets the most kisses from the big brother gets to spend the most time with him! Now is a good time to mention that kissing your family in this story is normal through a special house rule.

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