Preserve your virginity while trying to stop a perverted law in NUKITASHI

Visual novel arrives on PC via Steam and Johren in 2023
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Shiravune announced that it will release the visual novel NUKITASHI, a game developed by Qruppo the game will be released in 2023, but it is already available for you check it out and wishlist it on PC via Steam and Johren.


The story of NUKITASHI takes place on Seiran Island, a tropical paradise where sexual acts are totally allowed according to the local Pervert Law, but even here in paradise, there are those who prefer to stay in bachelor. The protagonist is Junnosuke Tachibana, who returns to the island after losing his parents and will now face a force that lurks in the shadows.


Now bonded with her lesbian sister who would secretly fuck her own brother, a fellow delinquent everyone will decide is a raging slut, a petite senior the guys think they can't reach, a shy, invisible girl with trouble showing her skin, and of course, you are a young man with a complex about your "huge" toy. Together they will form the Anti-Copula Front, No Love No Sex! who will try to overthrow this crazy law once and for all, and for that he will have to help his benefactor, a grumpy rich old man who to help him asked in exchange that you find someone and protect her, because apparently she is the key to the mission success.

In that case, there's only one thing left to do: locate this mystery girl, and at the same time keep the group off the authorities' trail, while trying to keep their virginities intact! Make no mistakes and end this perverted law.


NUKITASHI was the first game from Qruppo originally released in 2018, the game even already has a sequel not yet available in the west. With equally eccentric, humorous and action-packed parts, NUKITASHI remains beloved and highly acclaimed among Japanese fans and took home the award for Best Scenario, as well as Best New Brand, at Moe Game Awards of 2018.

NUKITASHI will be available later in 2023, and will be released in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and comes to PC via Steam and Johren where it will be released uncensored.


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