Noroware Kyoushitsu: New eroge makes students in a cursed classroom do perverted things to satisfy themselves

New eroge with art by Aojiru will be released in February
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Cyberworks will release on February 24 a new eroge from the TinkerBell group, Noroware Kyoushitsu (ノロワレ教室 ~校内いつでもどこでも姦らなくちゃ?!~ 公式ページ), where students in a cursed classroom must satisfy themselves in the most perverted ways before darkness swallows them. The game features art by Aojiru and Hisao Komine.


Noroware Kyoushitsu takes place in a classroom where one day several erotic products were found in students' backpacks. The teacher asks the class president, Manami, to organize the erotic goods herself. Disconcerted, she fulfills the task. However, the next day, upon arriving and noticing that the boys are acting strange, she discovers a video of Manani masturbating with erotic products. Without remembering Manani and Anri start deleting the videos but one of the boys refuses and runs away. Before they can think, a darkness that comes out of nowhere suddenly begins to engulf him.

The rumor starts to spread, and the teacher remembers a memory from the past, of a similar incident when he was a student. Many suspect it to be the work of "Eroero-sama", a supposed individual who educates students who stay late about the benefits of eroticism, and gets students in the class to venture out and explore the realm of sex.

The teachers now remember that the class really was cursed, and the only way to escape is to make the students do perverted things, and anyone who tries to escape without permission will be swallowed up in darkness and confined in a place of endless torture, just like that. everyone in the room has no choice but to comply.

But it looks like the guys are quite happy with this unexpected situation. "You're enjoying this situation, aren't you?"


Noroware Kyoushitsu will be released on February 24th for PC. Unfortunately I don't know of information about a future release in the west.

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