"Nope Nope Nope NOPE Nurses" comes to Steam and Jhoren on July 31st

Get treated by the sexy and cruel nurses from the worst hospital in the world!
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Shiravune has just announced that Nope Nope Nope NOPE Nurses, from the developers of Dark One, will come to Steam and Johren on October 13th. This is the third game in the Nope Nope Nurses / Sakusei Byoutou series.


In Nope Nope Nope NOPE Nurses it's not just the bad guys at this hospital... illicit drugs, extortion, money for bodily fluids and an undercover investigation to top it all off, these are just some of the exciting twists that await you. Will Yamada make it out of this, alive and well? The game is a unique blend of drama, comedy, suspense and copious femininity.

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They call me Yamada. I'm just an ordinary student, hospitalized with two broken arms... except for my strange, incurable condition, which sends pain through my balls if I don't "relieve" myself every three hours. Unfortunately, the hospital where I am being treated has quite a bit of a reputation.

They say that he is exclusively occupied with the worst people who have ever called themselves nurses... The worst thing is that reality turned out to be worse than rumors.

The most miserable part of it all? The nurses were just the beginning.

Nope Nope Nope NOPE Nurses will be available from July 31st for PC via Steam and Johren.


Source 1: Steam
Source 2: Johren (18+)
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