Nightmare x Vampire: Inferno of Retribution will be released by MangaGamer

The third title in the franchise follows a beautiful girl with a vampire lineage fighting a demon hunter!
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MangaGamer has revealed that it will release Nightmare x Vampire: Inferno of Retribution, the sequel to the franchise developed by Guilty. The game will be released for PC via MangaGamer's website but still no specific date.

The game is the sequel to Nightmare x Onmyoji: Paradox of Forbiddance, and was released in 2021 in Japan and is now reaching fans in the west. In this new story we follow Kidzuki Rei, a girl who lost her parents at a young age, she is also the granddaughter of a Romanian vampire and inherits some of the bloodlines of vampires. However, she wants to live a normal life. One day she transfers to a new school where she meets Shindou Setsuna, who fights vampires, which puts the two at odds. However, through their common hatred of demons, they grow closer, but that doesn't guarantee a happy ending.


It's worth remembering that this is an adult franchise, and it's not recommended for any age, as it has a lot of R18 content.

Nightmare x Vampire: Inferno of Retribution hits PC sometime in 2023, but you can check out more details on the [url=]official website[/url].

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