New MOD for Genshin Impact considerably enlarges Shenhe's hips

He did it again! This time with more style.
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Modder Hazeker again shows off his skills, this time creating a MOD for Genshin Impact that subtly alters character Shenhe's thighs, and not only that, also modifies her outfit, making her already sexy look even sexier. He shared a video and some images of the MOD on his Twitter.

Entitled Bottom Heavy Shenhe, the MOD for PC can be downloaded from the website Game Banana, where there are explanations on how use.







It is not the first time that the modder releases something interesting, he has been constantly publishing modifications of Genshin Impact characters, the first was the MOD that increased Monas thighs, and then started throwing it to the others already passing through Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Eula and even Venti. And apparently he won't stop there, since on his Twitter he has been showing the development of the MOD for Jean.

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