Nekopara gets discount on all franchise games

You can buy the games and DLCs with up to 60% off
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Sekai Project started promoting games from the Nekopara franchise, putting all games released on the platform in a package 54% off, as well as each individual game has its own discounts including discounts on DLC's.

Nekopara is a visual novel series developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project. The series already has 4 games released, and in the story the protagonist is a hotel manager, and lives with the nekos (catgirls, or "kitty" girls literally), and must interact with them during the day to day of the narrative .

The series is focused on sexual (adult) content, but for release on Steam it was adapted with less sexual content, and more focused on the story. But of course, removed content can be added via DLC's.

The games included in the package are from the promotion:







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