Neko Night - ASMR game with two beautiful neko will be released in the west at the end of May by JAST USA

Experience a unique game, feeling the whispering and breathing closely of each of the game's girls
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JAST USA has just announced that it will publish the visual novel Neko Night, a visual novel developed by Chaos-L and that will hit your store on May 31st.

Neko Night differs from other new looks in that the player will be able to experience the true ASMR every breath and microphone of their fellow catgirls. In the game, you take on the role of a freelance writer who is tasked with writing about his first sexual experience. However, you don't have any experience with girls. Unable to write about it, but with luck on your side, you nap in front of the TV only to end up waking up to two catgrils knocking on your door that they want to hide from the rain. You go in and they say they are there to naturally have their babies, this can be a dream but it can also be good.

See the trailer:



Needless to say, Neko Night is an adult visual novel, so be careful when playing it! If interested, you can pre-order on the JAST USA website.

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