"Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen" attracts crowds on its first day of sales

Otakus line up to buy the adult game
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The first day of sales of MilkFactory's latest release, Motto! Haramase! Hono no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen attracted a crowd of otakus interested in purchasing the company's new visual novel. Launched on the 23rd, the erotic game full of busty girls meant that those interested had to face a huge queue to get their copy.

It is common for otakus to form large queues at the beginning of product sales in Japan, but normally the interest is in new hardware or games that are less "flashy" and more hyped by the gamer world, which happens because, always the first buyers they get gifts and interesting items in the pre-sale of physical products there. But queuing up for an eroge is perhaps the first in a long time to attract so much attention.

Motto! Haramase! Hono no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen is the sequel to the franchise, which already has 3 more titles released, which makes the public grow considerably, in addition to the fact that MilkFactory made a great campaign of marketing. The developer in recent months has been publishing a lot of material, including several images, and some videos on the official website of the game: site oficial.

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The game follows Arujino Enji, an ordinary boy who likes maids with big breasts. He dreams of one day becoming a true master, with several maids serving him. To fulfill his fetish, he pays the girls' bills at the coffee shop where his childhood friend Mei works part-time helping her mother, Maassa. One day, all of a sudden, her smartphone screen starts to glow and Mei, Maasa and Enji are transported to another world, appearing inside a public bathroom at a maids school where several girls of different races go to learn how to behave. become good employees. Mei and Maasa are not well received by the girls of this world, as they are apparently suspected because of their large breasts.

Enji, on the other hand, is invited to help in the development of the nine maids who received him, but it may not be so easy, since they are "cursed maids" and therefore cannot serve any master. But Enji came from another world, and the curse doesn't affect him, he ends up begging to become master of these nine maidens. Thus, Enji becomes the master of nine super sexy and busty beautiful girls who will do anything to serve him. And even these girls' mothers will go out of their way to help... even participating in activities. And upon coming to this world, Enji also gained the skill "Doskebe Service Skill" which increases the sincerity and ulterior motives of the maids... and their mothers... so, nothing prevents Enji from becoming the best master he chooses. of busty maids ever seen.

See some images of Motto! Haramase! Hono no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen:

Slide https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013324.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013325.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013326.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013327.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013332.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013331.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013330.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013329.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013328.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013333.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013334.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013335.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013336.webp;;;https://static.madinfinite.com/images/big/14/motto-haramase-hono-no-oppai-isekai-oppai-maid-gakuen-013337.webp

Unfortunately the game is only confirmed in Japan, but like OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!, another game from the developer, it may appear in the West sooner or later. We'll be watching!

Motto! Haramase! Hono no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen was released for PC on December 23rd.

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