Model expelled from supermarket for "hotphobia" will be the cover of Playboy magazine in Denmark

She will be on the cover of the July issue of the magazine in the country.
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A few weeks ago, the model Kerolay Chaves gained fame on the internet when she was expelled from a supermarket after wearing clothes considered inappropriate. And now the news is that the model will be the cover of the July issue of Playboy magazine in Denmark.

In the supermarket episode, according to her, when she arrived at the place she was "hostilized" for wearing "too short clothes", and some "some people looked at her with prejudice" and others cursed her, "Finally, I was expelled from the place. Do you believe it? ’ he questioned. But it didn't take long for users who commented on her publication to notice that she had an extra piece of clothing in her cart, and began to wonder if it wasn't just a marketing ploy to gain a few more clicks on the social network. Some even criticized the model's action, others didn't care so much.

Some people even claimed that she was a victim of "hotphobia", but what is certain is that her expulsion from the market generated international repercussions, resulting in job offers coming from other countries.

In an interview, Keloray said that "the expulsion of the supermarket was news that went out all over the world, not just in Brazil. With that, I received proposals from outside the country" [...] "The opportunity came after the news of the expulsion from the market in Minas Gerais".

Today, Playboy magazine is not the same as it was a few decades ago, although it is still known for presenting sensual photos of various women and celebrities around the world, it is unlikely that the model's photo essay will include images of frontal nudity, since the magazine has changed a lot in the past. last years.

If you are in doubt whether it was "hotphobia" or not, I leave you with more images of the model to let you decide for yourself!






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