Mobile game "Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy" will close its Japanese servers on September 27

It has yet to be announced whether Western servers will suffer the same fate.
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The developers of the mobile game Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy have announced that the Japanese version of the game will shut down on September 27th. So far it has not been announced whether the western servers will also suffer the same fate. The game based on the anime franchise was released in 2021 and has already been active for about 2 and a half years.

In the announcement, the developers thanked the players and apologized for the inconvenience of turning it off, and hope that players can continue to enjoy the title until it is closed. As of the announcement of the shutdown, the sale of Paid Diamonds has been suspended and players will not be able to download the app from September 17th. Players who have any diamonds in their account can request a refund after the game closes, although DMM players cannot request a refund as they were advised to use up all their diamonds in advance before the server shut down.


Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy is a turn-based RPG featuring the characters from the anime, animated in Live 2D in cutscenes and dialogues and features 3D gameplay, and follows Lucifer, the fallen angel, who was sent to hell for his sin against the gods. In the lowest level of Hell, the demon lords who rule Hell sealed away Lucifer's power. Although Lucifer has lost everything, she leads the demon lord Leviathan and a human high school girl, Totsuka Maria, as the "arrogant demon lord Lucifer" and sets out on a journey to fight the seven deadly sins.


Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy was available for Android and iOS.

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