Meet the manga "Mukchina Miyashita-san no Shikiyoku Channel" manga about quiet student who is actually a provocative and sexy idol!

The story follows a boy being teased to the extreme by a beautiful and sexy girl who is dedicated to making adult content on the internet.
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The manga Mukuchina Miyashita-san on the Shikiyoku Channel (Silent Miyashita-san's Sexy Channel) on the Web Comic Gamma Plus website, the work of author Mitsudoue is very "interesting" and attention-grabbing, and follows a boy with no sexual interests being teased to the extreme by a beautiful and sexy girl who is dedicated to making adult content on the internet.

In the story we follow Kei Sakai, a high school boy who has no apparent problems going on in his life, but he is profoundly uninterested in everything, to the point that he doesn't even have a sexual desire for girls.

One day, one of his friends shows him Yami, an internet idol who does not identify herself, but who sends provocative photos and videos of herself in scandalous clothes to her followers, making her a hit with men. Nobody knows her real face, but Sakai recognizes a woman who looks like Yami, Saki Miyashita, a classmate who sits next to her in the same class, and although she is much simpler and more demure than Yami, she has the same style and personality. way Yami in his gestures.

Sakai, who had lost interest and sexual desire, decides to investigate her distrust, and curious to know the truth, creates the courage to follow Miyashita and try to discover Yami's true identity. However, unaware of Miyashita's trap, they end up sharing a lewd secret that turns out not to be so bad!







At the moment Mukuchina Miyashita-san on Shikiyoku Channel (Silent Miyashita-san's Sexy Channel) already has 6 chapters (divided into 12 parts) published on the official website.

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