Meet Omega Labyrinty Z: Game where the protagonists gain powers by being touched!

The game is a direct sequel to Omega Labyrinty, and follows the same style, being an orthodox roquelike RPG where dungeons are automatically generated
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Omega Labyrinty Z é um game de RPG onde o jogador controla as garotas da Anberyl Girls Academy, uma escola onde há uma lenda misteriosa sobre o Santo Graal que pode conceder qualquer desejo para quem o encontrar. Mas esta preciosa relíquia esta escondida no fundo de uma antiga caverna na academia. A caverna, fora do limite da escola, é aberta somente no aniversário da fundação da escola. No entanto, um dia o Santo Graal foi encontrado por alguns estudantes, e foi por algum motivo destruído... ao menos é o que diz a lenda...


The game is a direct sequence of Omega Labyrinty, it follows the same style, being an orthodox roquelike RPG where dungeons are automatically generated, and when entering, it starts at level 1 having to proceed to the highest levels. When you die you lose all your items, and a level of hunger. When you leave the dungeon, the map, monsters and items will change places.


Inside the dungeon the player and the monsters move in a turn-based system. Defeat monsters, collect experience points and level up to strengthen your character.

You can use a partner for the journey, who will follow you through the dungeon, he can also be equipped with weapons and armor. Inside the dungeon you must kill all the monsters that are there using the weapons, items and equipment that you find on the way. But watch out for the traps inside.

By defeating the monsters you will gain "Omega Power" a mysterious power that is kept in the girls' breasts, the more power they will become ... this power can be used to give the protagonists different experience points improving their skills for battles.


Many skills and items can be used during your journey, in addition to special scenes where you must touch the girls affectionately to take their "powers" to the maximum, multiplying the experience gained with "Omega Power".


Omega Labyrinth Z will be released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on July 6.

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