Meet Izure's New Erotic Manga "Akogare Hatsu Taiken"

The story follows a 27-year-old virgin and her first sexual experience with her students.
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The ero mangaka Idure / Izure has released his new work Akogare Hatsu Taiken (あこがれ初体験), an erotic manga that shows the sexual adventure of a school nurse who, upon witnessing the first sexual experience of her students, instead of scolding them, she ends up being jealous... since she is also a virgin and at 27 years old would also like to have that experience, she did not expect that she would join the couple for a complete experience even entitled to a lesbian experience.

First experience of longing (あこがれ初体験) was released on DLSite and DMM, but had already been serialized in WEEKLY Kairakuten 2021 No.28. See the official synopsis:

Ayame-sensei is a school nurse who witnessed a student's first sexual experience on the ward.

"I know I have to be careful, but since I was a boring student, I can't help but envy them...!"

She ends up being attacked by the girl and the boy! Follow the first experience of a 27-year-old virgin.


Source: DLSite
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