Meet "Cuckoo Mask", visual novel where you are a masochist being humiliated at a masked party

Main character will NOT have any sexual encounters, but will be humiliated by others who do!
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TinyHat Studios will publish on Steam Cuckoo Mask, a game developed by artist Hassel Nut, where you take on the role of a guy who discovers a taste for masochism, being humiliated at a masquerade party. With 5 character routes and a true ending, you'll explore different types of domination during this adventure.

aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG4uY2xvdWRmbGFyZS5zdGVhbXN0YXRpYy5jb20vc3RlYW0vYXBwcy8yNTY5Mjc0NTIvbW92aWVfbWF4X3ZwOS53ZWJtP3Q9MTY4NDY4OTIzNA==Cuckoo Mask is an exciting and engaging visual novel game that explores the dynamics of relationships, fetishes, and cheating. The game follows the story of a main character who is bullied in a way... fun and sexy! Making it perfect for masochistic gamers or those who like to read about humiliation.

The game starts with the main character missing the last train of the day and feeling lost, but he stumbles upon a masquerade party where he sees a girl who looks like his girlfriend. Everyone at the party is wearing a mask and the owner of the house is nowhere to be seen. The main character soon discovers that no one he knows is inclined to treat him well, but...he finds himself enjoying being treated badly. During the game, players can freely explore the house and talk to anyone or examine the room. Time passes as the player progresses through a character's route, with dialogue changing hourly to create the feel of a real party. To reach the climax of a character's lane, players must find him in a crowd and talk to him, much like at a party.


Cuckoo Mask focuses on the art of storytelling through compelling and sensual illustrations. Players will be able to experience the story through a naughty lens, as the art brings each scene to life in a unique and raunchy way. Hassel Nut's artwork is a highlight of the game, showcasing the artist's skill and love of lust. Whether you're a fan of visual novels or just a lover of erotic art, Cuckoo Mask is a game that's sure to impress.

The game features several different characters with their own sex scenes and paths, allowing players to explore different aspects of being dominated and/or humiliated. Minor characters also play an important role in the game as they contribute to the flow of the story. Each character has their own personality, they also love to bully you and steal your girlfriends.

Cuckoo Mask presents this unique aspect for this type of game, where the main character will NOT have any sexual encounters, even if other characters do. This adds an interesting layer to the story as players will experience what it means to be a loser. This allows players to focus more on the voyeur aspect of the game, and how even characters who are attracted to you won't even be attracted to you. It's a different take on traditional eroge games and highlights Cuckoo Mask.

Cuckoo Mask is a game for players looking for a unique and intriguing story, and it will arrive on Steam in 2023.


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