Kunoichi Demon Slayers - Apocalyptic RPG is out for PC

You will have to control three beautiful ninja warriors in the not too distant future, facing demons that brought destruction to the world.
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Kagura Games has released for PC via Steam, GOG and their online store, Kunoichi Demon Slayers, an apocalyptic RPG developed by Mikanbatake, which you should Control a group of female ninja warriors in the not-too-distant future, facing demons that have brought destruction to the world, while trying to defend humanity and eradicate demons.


In the game, due to an unknown event, demons have started to appear all over the world, causing chaos and danger to innocent people. A trio of kunoichi decide to team up and investigate this situation on their own, hoping to save everyone from the demonic incursion. With the power to increase their strength, they vow to eradicate demons, end chaos and bring peace back to the world.

Players will be able to explore various maps of a world in ruins, facing demons and bandits in turn-based battles. The player's party includes Ryou Kisaragi, a calm, collected, and strategic woman whose lack of restraint makes her seem like an airhead; her best friend Shinobu Kagura, who is overly competitive and prideful; as well as Minoriko Asahina, an elegant and refined woman, highly trusted by the clan leader.

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During the adventure, our heroines will face frequent adversity and can be attacked by men and monsters they encounter, both in story segments and in combat scenarios. The game features erotic attacks and animations that happen in the middle of combat. There are about 30 erotic scenes to experience, of which 22 are animated.

Kunoichi Demon Slayers features an in-depth traditional turn-based combat system, but combats can be avoided at the player's discretion! All enemy encounters can be skipped by selecting Assassin Mode, which allows you to skip most battles (except bosses) while still receiving all the usual rewards!

Kunoichi Demon Slayers is now available for PC via Steam, Kagura Games and GOG. Remember that the game has a DLC that adds NSFW content to the game, and is available for free on the Kagura Games and GOG.


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