Know the manga "Isekai Furin ll ~Michibika Reshi Hitodzuma Tachi to Bukiyo Tensei Yuusha~"

Story of a betrayed man who now in another world will win the love of all the wives he can!
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I recently came across the manga Isekai Furin ll ~Michibika Reshi Hitodzuma Tachi to Bukiyo Tensei Yuusha~ ( 異世界不倫Ⅱ~導かれし人妻たちと不器用転生勇者~), a work by author Ooi Masakazu and artist Inomaru who was released some time ago. And today I come to bring some details and my first impressions about it, and it serves to present it so that those who don't know it, and let's face it, this manga is very interesting and deserves to be talked about!

Isekai Furin ll is the sequel to Isekai Furin another work by the two artists, but in this one the story follows Yuuto Aida, a simple office worker who when he gets home he ends up witnessing his wife cheating on him with another man! Heartbroken and not knowing what to do, he runs out of the house and ends up getting hit by the isekai truck! Which sends him straight to another world, now reincarnated as a hero! But by mistake of the goddess who reincarnated him, he only has one ability, that of conquering any other person's wife!

Isekai Furin ll ~Michibika Reshi Hitodzuma Tachi to Bukiyo Tensei Yuusha~ is an adult work and without much ado already has sensual and sex scenes in its first chapter, in fact there is no chapter yet that don't have. He also has very beautiful art and the girls' bodies are perfectly designed by Inomaru, who already has experience in works of this type and even in hentai.

Below I leave some interesting prints from the manga:


Unfortunately, it hasn't been officially released in the west yet, but you can find her materials on the internet.

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