Kinkoi: Golden Time - Visual Novel is now available

The story takes place in an elite academy where a young man will try to make his mark before the year ends
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Publisher NekoNyan has announced that it has released the game Kinkoi: Golden Time, the extra story content from the acclaimed Kinkoi Golden Loveriche. The game is now available [steam=]on Steam[/steam] and in its first weeks of sale is 10% off.


Kinkoi: Golden Time and Kinkoi Golden Loveriche are visual novels created by Saga Planets. The story takes place at Noble Private Academy, an institution that cultivates the wealthiest and best-connected students in all of Japan! In this boarding school, the student must be willing to accept all its refined and worthy teachings or he will find himself in a tricky position. The hero of our story, Ichimatsu Gold, was transferred to this same academy three months earlier due to extenuating circumstances and now faces a new challenge: the holidays! With the New Year approaching, he yearns to reach his peak, his "golden self". Will this diverse golden hue live on forever?!

Its beautiful art and story stand out from the rest, making it one of the most acclaimed series among fans of this style of game. And in case you don't know, you can have a chance to play both by purchasing the discounted bundle of both works.


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