Indenture: Adult Visual Novel about Kendo begins Kickstarter campaign

Follow two sisters who are looking for a way to save their beloved dojo from something very sinister!
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Developer PUSH! Soft announced that it has started a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development of Indenture, an adult visual novel set in a remote village with a Kendo dojo. If you don't know the developer, she's behind games like Swimmer Admiration e Usagi Health Club.


Indenture follows the story of sisters Nishimura, Hiroko and Ayaka, who are looking for a way to save their beloved dojo from something very sinister. According to the synopsis:

The Nishimura family resides in the quiet countryside far from the city in Japan. A proud family with a Kendo history and owner of a Kendo Dojo, their name was famous and influential. That is clear until one day, tragedy struck his family. A haunting secret deal that was made by the family years ago has come to haunt them. How would the Nishimura family handle this? Is it the end of them or is there a way to save his reputation and his beloved Dojo?

According to the description on Kickstarter this will be the developer's biggest game, it will be released in English and Japanese with more than 20 CGs and a total of more than 6 hours of gameplay. You can check out the game's demo on both Steam and

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