"hotphobia" - Supermarket expels OnlyFans model for wearing short clothes

She was wearing a tight-fitting blouse and some sort of denim panties.
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Last weekend, an OnlyFans model Kerolay Chaves drew attention on social media after posting saying she was kicked out of a supermarket in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) for wearing short clothes. In the post, she shared her photos at the market wearing a tight-fitting blouse and a kind of denim panties.

According to her, when she arrived at the place, she was "hostilized" for wearing "too short clothes", and some "some people looked at her with prejudice" and others cursed her, "Finally, I was expelled from the place. Do you believe it?", she questioned.

See the images from the post:



It didn't take long for users who commented on her publication to notice that she had an extra piece of clothing in her cart, and began to wonder if it wasn't just a marketing ploy to gain a few more clicks on the social network. Some even criticized the model's action, others didn't care so much.

In the end, I separated some images of the model so we know if she is really that hot.








And what do you think: "hotphobia" or marketing?

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