Hey Stranger! I Dare You to Love Me! - Interactive Visual Novel gets Steam Page

Discover a mysterious city while meeting its promiscuous residents!
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Coming to Steam Hey Stranger! I Dare You to Love Me!, an interactive visual novel where you will have to explore a city while meeting its promiscuous residents who yearn to meet you! Developed by Pound Cake Workshop, the game will be released in the second half of 2023.

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The story of Hey Stranger! I Dare You to Love Me! begins when a cross-country trip is interrupted by an approaching mysterious vehicle, causing the player to end up at the hospital near Porte Avant. After the nurse gives a little more "intensive care" than expected, the player is released and allowed to explore this strange city. With your car waiting for repairs, there's nothing to do but kill time. What better way than to explore this quirky city and party with the locals?

What comes next depends on the player. This “choose your own adventure” style game features a series of different endings, sparkling animated cutscenes, achievements, mini-games and more! There are even rumors of a so-called “perfect ending”… But will you be able to unlock it?

A modern fantasy world rich in intricate 2D art, elaborate settings and beautiful characters (both human and otherwise) awaits in this whimsically naughty adventure! It runs in HD 1080p and full screen, with 12 interactive characters and 11 possible endings. With over 20 "intimate" animated and fully voiced scenes. The game also features character diaries, minigames, CG gallery and collectibles, extra secrets, Steam achievements and original soundtrack and audio.

Hey Stranger! I Dare You to Love Me! arrives on Steam in the second half of 2023, and we'll talk about any news here on the site!


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