Help three beautiful succubus learn more about humans in "Iku Iku Succubus"

Take on the role of a teacher and teach three sexy succubus how to get along with humans or end up without a job!
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FAKKU together with the developer Orcsoft released on Steam Iku Iku Succubus, a game that takes you to live with three beautiful succubus, who will need his classes on how to live in the human world. The player takes on the role of a teacher who was almost expelled from his school, and who must now teach three sexy succubus how to live with humans, or he will end up losing his job.

Iku Iku Succubus follows the routine of Tanehisa Busujima is a middle-aged university professor known for speaking his mind. His compulsions put his job at risk. The university president provides him with a single option: Serve as an instructor for study abroad students of the Succubus Kingdom!

Succubus Kingdom is located in an entirely different world from the human world, known as the Dream Realm. This raises the question: why are there foreign students from another world attending a university in Japan? Well, the Japanese government has made a trade deal with the Succubus Kingdom: the Succubus Kingdom must help solve the declining birthrate in Japan, and in return, the Japanese government will provide the Succubus Kingdom with male energy. And wouldn't you know that? Busujima, is a perfect candidate to provide that energy.

His responsibility as an instructor is to teach the aliens about the Human Realm... On paper at least, however, according to the program director, his true goal is to rehabilitate failed succubi.


Iku Iku Succubus is available on Steam and on the FAKKU website, where there is also a patch to remove the censorship of the version sold on Steam.


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