Goddess of Victory: NIKKE starts Nya Nya Paradise event

New character, new costume and events were added to the game
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The summer event has barely ended and the team behind the game Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has already started the Nya Nya Paradise event, starting after the maintenance on July 6th (yesterday), players will be able to experience the new event featuring SSR Tetra Defender character Nikke Nero and grab the Rapi's Classic Vacation outfit for free when they log in for the next 21 days. The Nya Nya story event has also been added, and players can also try to get Drake's first new Villain Racer outfit from the game's Gacha.


New character Nero is trying to rescue a kitten that was abandoned by its owner, and on the Ark, a live animal is an incredibly rare find. For some reason though, he refuses to stay at the animal shelter. Now it's up to Commander and Nero to get the kitten there.

Nero is the latest Defender Nikke from Tetra! This adorable (not) cat wields an SMG and is a defender whose defense will continually increase while also providing buffs to the ally who healed her, and her Burst allows her to taunt enemies while also granting her a powerful shield.



Like all other events so far, it will be split into two parts with normal and hard difficulty stages, and an event shop where players can exchange earned event currency for recruitment vouchers, upgrade materials, and more.

As with every event, the game offers login bonuses, with upgrade materials, 300 gems, 10 recruitment coupons, Tetra VIP tickets and bowls full of rations to help you increase Nero's bond, or you can spend it in biscuit. Notably, this time around, the day 6 bonus is slightly better, as it gives you 24 hours of materials instead of 12 hours.


Drake, Matis' poster girl and everyone's favorite villain, is also getting a new outfit! This outfit comes with a new Live2D animation set, explosion animation, and all-new voice lines! To acquire the new Villain Racer Drake costume, you'll have to try your luck at the game's gacha.

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