Goddess of Victory: Nikke kicks off "Sea, You, Again" summer event on August 3

Game gets new characters, story and an event to warm up your summer
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The game Goddess of Victory: Nikke will kick off the summer event "Sea, You, Again" starting on August 3, where players will return to the sea to investigate a suspicious sign on a paradise tropical island.

The new update brings in addition to a story for the event, a new map to explore, new items, upgrade materials, relics and of course, new characters that can be recruited for a limited time, namely SSR Anis: Sparkling Summer and SSR Helm: Aquamarine. Players can also obtain the SR Anchor through the story event. The update also brings new costumes: Liter – Guardfish and Mast – A Pirate's Heart.

The Sea, You, Again event will start tomorrow after the end of maintenance and will last until August 24th.

As always, the new characters are the highlights of the updates, and in this one is SSR Anis: Sparkling Summer who comes dressed in her swimsuit and ready for the beach, is a Supporter class Nikke, wielding Libertine Aqua (SG). It works particularly well when supporting Electric Code Nikkes' attacks and poses a strong threat to Water Code's enemies with its Burst Skill, Sparkling Wave.



The second addition is SSR Helm: Aqua Marine, available from August 10th to August 31st. Helm, the dreamy leader of the Aegis squadron, enters the battlefield as an attacker class. His specialty is allowing his squad to use his burst abilities more often and deal extra damage to Electric Code enemies.



Finally, SR Anchor, a defender with the ability to destroy projectiles, is being added to the game. The radar girl who loves marine life can be obtained during the "Sea, You, Again" story event, which will run from August 3rd to August 24th.


From the next update, the game will also have an expansion in its gameplay, with the Tribe Tower receiving new levels to explore. Both the Tribe Tower and the Manufacturer Towers have now been upgraded from 250 floors to an impressive 300. A Solo Raid will run starting August 10th. Commanders need to mobilize their teams to face the boss and obtain materials from the Harmony Cube.

There are also new additions to the in-game store. The Mighty Summer Pass, available from August 3rd to August 24th, gives you the chance to get Advanced Recruitment Vouchers when you level up by completing daily quests. Upon reaching the highest level, you can unlock Liter's special costume, Guardfish. In addition, Mast's Permanent Costume, A Pirate's Heart, is also available. This costume will be available in the Costume Shop in the Cash Shop starting August 3rd.

For Commanders returning to the game after a long time, the Welcome Back Pass will be available, offering a variety of rewards for completing daily missions. And between August 3rd and August 31st, new character packs will also be available. Finally, there are some tweaks to the Union Shop offerings. Players can now purchase individual Cube Batteries instead of having to buy in bulk.

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