"Girls! Girls! Girls!?" - Charm your way into the heart of one or all of the lovely "girls" in this game

Coffee-themed game with crossdressing is now available for PC
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It was released for PC via Steam and Denpasoft, Girls! Girls! Girls!?, visual novel developed by Myosuki, which takes place in a cafe in Akihabara where you can win the heart of one or all of the "girls" of this adorable themed cafe.

aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG4uYWthbWFpLnN0ZWFtc3RhdGljLmNvbS9zdGVhbS9hcHBzLzI1Njk0MjAwNy9tb3ZpZTQ4MF92cDkud2VibT90PTE2ODE4ODkyNjc=Girls! Girls! Girls!? is set in Akihabara, the electric city, center of cutting-edge technology, fashion, otaku products and the cutest girls in skirts you'll ever see! Grab a coffee and fall in love with one of four charming "girls..." or maybe all of them? Immerse yourself in a story full of cuteness, romance, friendship and crossdressing that will keep you coming back for more!

Meet four unique and adorable "maids", each with their own charming personality, story arc and romantic route. Fall in love with their quirks and help them face their personal challenges.

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All characters from Girls! Girls! Girls!? are fully animated, allowing the player to immerse themselves in a world brought to life by a talented team of artists, featuring beautifully illustrated backgrounds, expressive character sprites and mesmerizing CGs that capture the essence of every moment exciting.

The game has a story that offers more than 20 hours of gameplay, with choices that shape your relationships and determine your destiny. Unlock multiple endings that reveal the true depth of each character's journey. The choices you make in the game and the "girl" you want to pursue will determine your route! You will still be able to discover hidden scenes, character biographies and artwork from the gallery to the doctor as you progress through the game.

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Girls! Girls! Girls!? is an adult game, so it has scenes and conversations that could be NSFW, it is worth noting that the Denpasoft version is uncensored.

Girls! Girls! Girls!? is now available for PC via Steam and the website .com/product/girls-girls-girls/]Denpasoft.


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